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US-D719530-S: Signaling relay patent, US-D727797-S: Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof patent, US-D762362-S: Shoe patent, US-D795096-S: Thermometer patent, US-H610-H: Cellular pager patent, US-H856-H: Cation exchange Y zeolites as corrosion inhibitors patent, US-PP11825-P2: Variety of petunia named ‘Trumpet Neon Rose’ patent, US-PP12086-P2: Calibrachoa plant named ‘Colorburst Violet’ patent, US-PP12516-P2: Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Reggie Dark Pink’ patent, US-PP23391-P2: Heliopsis plant named ‘Summer Stripe’ patent, US-PP26152-P2: Colocasia plant named ‘Imperial Gigante’ patent, US-PP27725-P2: Begonia plant named ‘Plum Paisley’ patent, US-8621859-B2: Hydraulic system patent, US-8647207-B2: Information updating management in a gaming system patent, US-8675798-B1: Systems, circuits, and methods for phase inversion patent, US-8722590-B2: Ceramic proppants patent, US-8763386-B2: Large water turbine patent, US-8810854-B2: Image forming apparatus, image drawing processing method, software program, and storage medium patent, US-8814838-B2: Respiratory secretion retention device, system and method patent, US-8871019-B2: Composition for construction materials manufacturing and the method of its production patent, US-8878335-B2: Method and system for providing fusing after packaging of semiconductor devices patent, US-8937805-B2: Shearing mechanism for cutting through an adhesive bonding of a direct bonding panel patent, US-8982427-B2: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium patent, US-9009999-B2: Self contained information deck patent, US-9017098-B2: Electrical mount patent, US-9052516-B2: Lens display device comprising a polarized switch unit and a single-refringent film layer, liquid crystal display device and display drive method patent, US-9062173-B2: Material and method for producing the same patent, US-9063193-B2: Layout structure of electronic element and testing method of the same thereof patent, US-9076796-B2: Interconnection structure for package and fabrication method thereof patent, US-9166638-B2: Integrated circuit chip for receiver collecting signals from satellites patent, US-9171735-B2: Method for fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit with a litho-etch, litho-etch process for etching trenches patent, US-9352806-B2: Watercraft with improved characteristics for travel in ice patent, US-9353380-B2: BRTCP24 gene useful for controlling growth of cabbage and application thereof patent, US-9401301-B2: Semiconductor device having a gate that is buried in an active region and a device isolation film patent, US-9401539-B2: Integrated antenna with the device housing patent, US-9413794-B1: Targeted content delivery patent, US-9455462-B2: Fuel cell system and method for deactivating fuel cell system patent, US-9475549-B2: Convertible inflatable boat with stand up paddleboard patent, US-9611605-B1: Cantilevered debris plow and method of clearing debris patent, US-9621548-B2: Online pseudonym verification and identity validation patent, US-9638526-B1: GPS carrier-phase based relative navigation patent, US-9661014-B2: Leveraging persistent identities in website testing patent, US-9683164-B2: Method of using sophorolipids or mannosylerythritol lipids as acid corrosion inhibitors in well treatment operations patent, US-9728478-B2: Resin-encapsulatd semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9747521-B2: Frequency domain interest point descriptor patent, US-9772778-B2: Method and apparatus for adaptive data chunk transfer patent, US-9776962-B2: Aromatic compounds with GPR40 agonistic activity patent, US-9792570-B2: Reminder system patent, US-9806578-B2: Wire terminal joint of motor stator winding patent, US-9810777-B2: Asynchronous LADAR and imaging array patent, US-D243449-S: Vehicle tire patent, US-D246286-S: Pulley patent, US-D246958-S: Smoke detector patent, US-D251187-S: Pneumatic tire tread and buttress patent, US-D252098-S: Combination lavatory basin and toilet bowl patent, US-D252954-S: Fluorescent device patent, US-D259041-S: Computer module patent, US-D262482-S: Gun target patent, US-D267411-S: Electronic calculator patent, US-D269583-S: Condiment mill patent, US-D270986-S: Fork or similar article patent, US-D271560-S: Lever handle for doors or windows patent, US-D279359-S: Wristwatch case face and knob patent, US-D280842-S: Full body weight traction device patent, US-D285567-S: Output printer for electronic computer patent, US-D287115-S: Left rear shield for attachment to an automobile patent, US-D287726-S: Disc drive assembly patent, US-D289188-S: Doll patent, US-D298218-S: Watch patent, US-D299173-S: Flashlight patent, US-D313077-S: Kiosk patent, US-D315963-S: Adjustable desk lamp patent, US-D317021-S: Joystick housing patent, US-D317510-S: Lighting fixture patent, US-D323366-S: Toy animal figure patent, US-D330879-S: Vehicle tire patent, US-D335236-S: Portable pocket beach bath towel patent, US-D344730-S: Communications headset patent, US-D344950-S: Loudspeaker patent, US-D352846-S: Dresser with display top patent, US-D360806-S: Beverage cooling sleeve patent, US-D360900-S: Coin operated amusement machine patent, US-D368250-S: Boot for an electrical plug and receptacle patent, US-D403351-S: Solid ink stick for a color printer patent, US-D424935-S: Gift item container patent, US-D439727-S: Reversible denim vest patent, US-D441175-S: Footwear patent, US-D442933-S: Optical disc player patent, US-D445584-S: Chair patent, US-D459289-S: Tire patent, US-D474575-S: Garment top patent, US-D506791-S: Doll patent, US-D509064-S: Trunk lid patent, US-D518018-S: Disc player patent, US-D532319-S: Wrist watch patent, US-D629185-S: Shoe patent, US-D642979-S: Cradle for charging tablet computer patent, US-D676535-S: Lighted headpiece with fan for portable work light patent, US-D694081-S: Polishing pad patent, US-D700466-S: Playard patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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